What is a Lifegroup?

Posted on September 24, 2018

New Lifegroup Leader Session 1 – What is a Lifegroup

Greenhouse #1 – Chad Allen

The mission of Cuyahoga Valley Church is “inviting people to New Life in Christ” where we strive to see people produce the “Fruit of New Life: Beloved Child, Servant, Investor, Missionary, Discipler, and Self-Feeder. In order to accomplish our mission, we need people to step up to the role of leader.

The Leadership Greenhouse is how CVC’s grows leaders. The goal is to move people from leading themselves to leading others to leading leaders. We do this through multiplying Lifegroup Leaders and Lifegroup Coaches who are trained and equipped through huddles (small groups of leaders training leaders).

Ultimately, the Leadership Greenhouse is a discipleship tool that helps people become better leaders in the church, in their homes, and in the world. Are you interested in becoming a better leader? Contact us at lifegroups@cvconline.org or at 440.447.0759 to learn more about being part of the Leadership Greenhouse.